Be An Original

When I start with an idea, I am inspired by music, animals and the environment around me. I paint what I see and feel. Most of the time, I use acrylic paint on canvas but I do create on functional materials like shoes, skateboards, surfboards, chairs, walls and guitars.​ 


My vivid color scheme has developed over the years from being a Florida
native. The Florida landscape is bright and drowned in dynamic colors.
Absorbing this eye-catching landscape has inspired my work. In addition to
Florida, the colors represent my positive outlook on life. I don't really stick to one subject matter just like I don't listen to the same music or eat the same things everyday. Life is too short to paint the same thing everyday. My style is creating. When I am done with a painting, I feel a sense of self-worth and accomplishment and have a happy smile on my face.​ 


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