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Pop art Purses by Tiffany Beasi are made on Shoulder Bag, Small, Black Microfiber Fabric, 7.5"x 7", with 9"x 7" interchangeable White Flap and adjustable strap 1.25" wide black canvas. Zippered closure with lined interior. This is a reproduction from my original acrylic painting. Made with care in Florida from my print shop and art studio. I specialize in cool and in custom items. I love making unique items for unique people. 


Each purse is made one at a time by Tiffany Beasi. :) Special dye transfer inks that hold up in any environment and will never fade with time.

These artworks printed are from my original acrylic paintings. I paint the original, shoot them, photoshop them and then reproduce them on smaller items. I am in control of every aspect of this process.


I hope you enjoy my work and products!

Magic Forest Small Art Purse

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